Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Math Workbooks

There are workbooks on the market for home use. Some are very useful and other are confusing.

With beginning students, books with fine print will not be useful. Too much material on a page is puzzling, it slows progress.

Often these books have one introductory page and the next page moves on to another concept. There are not enough pages to enforce the concepts needed.

I have found it helpful in the classroom to collect useful material and tear it out, add it to a notebook with plastic page sleeves in it. Your material can be added and subtracted as needed.
Over the years, I have collected material this way and can furnish material for most needs.

If you plan to use the material for other children, copy the pages before use.
You will also have a clean copy if the lesson needs to be repeated.
Another method that attracts some students is to write on the plastic with a slim line wipe off marker.

In some cases, if you can arrange to have the answers to the problems, tucked at the end of a set,most students like the freedom of correcting their own answers. I have had students go from page to
page more easily if they could correct their own work.

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