Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Math A Difficulty

Is frustration with math a difficulty in your home? We all have our favorite activities that are easier for us then others? This is true in school subjects.

This is the time where parents and family can be great teachers. If you know where to start.

At convient times and quiet times ask your child to give the answer to easy math addition facts.
2+2= , etc. Choose random math facts. Some may be easy, others may be missed or unknown.

Whatever the reason, you have discovered 2 pieces to the education puzzle.

Does the child really have the math facts learned?

Practice only a few very easy ones in the beginning.
Gradually add other and drop off the learned material.

Invest in a set of flash cards, starting with addition, if that is the problem.

Add the other math facts in turn: subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions.
Use the same procedures with each of them.

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