Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Using The Write Way To Market Your Business Online

It’s been long known in the home business and Internet Marketing circles that one of the most effective, economical and powerful ways to create an additional income stream or market your website, products or services is article marketing!

In the old days of Internet, I had to do my article marketing manually, now there are some real “tricks to the trade” that most people still haven’t discovered yet. In this article, I am going to show you what they are, how can they help you in delivering a whole new level of simplicity and power toward your article marketing effective, and to achieve your marketing business online success.

Step 1: Write One Article Per Week

When you write your articles, keep it short and informative (good to keep it between 500-750 words), present solutions to problems that people in your niche are looking for, or, have trouble solving it by themselves. At the end of the article, include an author (your own information) “resource box” which contains a link to your website or blog.

Here are the benefits you will gain by write one article per week.

a) As your articles spread across the web (I’ll show you how to do it in a minutes), more and more people that interested in your niche will read it. They will come across your name and your content again and again. This could help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

People are not only read your articles, they are also learn and observe you, after they see you know what you are talking about; they will come to TRUST you. Once you have built trust among the readers, they will start next move - they will either buy from you (if you have a product or service to sell), or they will listen to your recommendations - and buy through your affiliate links if you are in the affiliate marketing business.

b) Search engines will fall in love with your articles and your unique content; as a result, massive back-links to web pages to increase your position on search engine results pages can be created, at the same time, you can also earn as a true authority on your particular niche. That’s when your site gets listed at or near the very top of the search results for all your best search words.

I believe writing articles is not the problem for you; however, the things are really count is what you do with them.

Step 2: Submit the Articles Intelligently

In order for this “writing” strategy to really work, you need to get your articles out there, and get it published by hundreds of directories, blogs, ezines and websites toward your niche. This is what usually stops people dead in their tracks.

Submitting your articles manually would be very time consuming, scratch that, you would need a crew of about ten people doing it as a full-time job. It is not only involving lots of work and energy, it will also give you lots of headaches because every time you finish a new article you’d have to start the entire process all over again. Plus, search engines are getting tougher and tougher on duplicate content. Thus you really need to send a different unique article to each place when you submitting your articles.

Don’t get discouraged if it’s starting to sound like a mountain of work to you, I totally understand you concern. That’s why you really need a way to automate your article submissions.

There are programs and services available to do that for you. However, you need to be careful and get alert here. I’ve tried many of them and most of them fall far short of their promises. You know, some even get your site in trouble for duplicate content.

Rather than review all the different choices for article distribution and submission, I’ll go right to an article submission service that’s sort of an under-the-radar right now. If you do a little research on it, you’ll find that it’s far ahead of the rest of the pack. In fact, my own research uncovered many websites are using this article submission service - Article Marketer. I also use their service as well. AM intelligent service submits your articles in a unique manner, plus they have a very large network of article directories that they can get your articles out there quickly.

Okay, now you know how to submit your articles and an easy way to automate the task, there’s only one more thing you have to do.

Step 3: Rinse and Repeat

That’s right, like any great marketing strategy, it’s only effective if you stick with it and write it frequently. You can outsource your writing project to others if you want or you can spend a few hours a week write it by yourself. But the key is to stick with it!

Write one fresh article every week and use AM to submit it to the web. If you want to do your submissions manually, that’s fine too - but you have to do it regularly!

Whether you’ve never tried article marketing strategy or you’ve tried them, it is a fact that articles can yield immediate traffic and sales.

source: http://www.article-buzz.com/Article/Using-The-Write-Way-To-Market-Your-Business-Online/298192

Monday, August 3, 2009

Yahoo Having A Horrible Day On The Stock Market

According to a statement Carol Bartz issued this morning, the new Yahoo-Microsoft deal "comes with boatloads of value for Yahoo, our users, and the industry." But a significant number of Yahoo's (former) investors apparently didn't believe that line, and have sent the company's stock into something of a tailspin.

Yahoo Logo

People who bleed purple can try to put the matter into perspective; the whole stock market is having an iffy day, after all, with the Dow and Nasdaq down 0.86 percent and 0.85 percent right now, respectively.

Yahoo's down 12.08 percent at the moment, though, which signals the existence of problems on a rather larger scale. Plus, if you stop to consider that the deal with Microsoft isn't supposed close before early 2010, it seems that there's lots of time left during which other shareholders may choose to flee.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's stock is up 0.72 percent, which makes it pretty clear which company investors believe is positioned to get the upper hand.

Don't be surprised if some Yahoo shareholders raise formal objections to the partnership, creating still more controversy and delays before anything gets done or possibly scuttling the whole deal.

source: http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2009/07/29/yahoo-having-a-horrible-day-on-the-stock-market

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Creative Thinking: A How-To Guide

Creative thinking is a potential we are all born with. If you don't use that potential, it is probably because you don't know and apply the simple principles for developing it. We can remedy that right now.

The two basic principles of creative thinking are:

1. There are methods and techniques of creative thinking.

2. Making these methods and techniques a part of your mental habits will make creative thinking easy and automatic.

An entrepreneur sees the potential profit in a situation, because his mind is trained for that. A lawyer sees the potential problems, because that is how his mind is trained. How we repeatedly think becomes a habit, and that is how you train a mind. Learn the techniques of creative thinking, use them until they are a habit, and creative thinking will be as natural for you as lying is for a politician.

The Techniques Of Creative Thinking

There are dozens of creative problem solving techniques you can learn to use. "Concept-combination," for example, will have you mixing roses and clocks to create the first alarm clock that wakes you up with a gentle release of fragrance. Use the technique of "random-presentation" and a cell phone can give the idea to do your dictation with a pocket tape recorder while you walk, so you'll have time for exercise and still get your work done.

Creative thinking goes beyond just solving specific problems or inventing new things. A truly creative mind is always coming up with the questions too, not just the solutions. To be more creative all the time, focus on three things:

1. Challenge your assumptions. What if a restaurant didn't have employees? Customers could pay a machine as they enter, and feed themselves at a buffet. If everything was as automated as possible, maybe one owner-operator could run a large restaurant alone. Challenge everything. Do you have to go to work? Do pools need water? Is education always a good thing?

2. Change your perspective. Imagining a dog's thoughts about your busyness could clue you in to the unecessary things you do. Thinking dollars-per-day instead of per-hour could give you a plan to let employees go home when they finish a certain quota. Greater efficiency would be almost certain, and you could adjust daily pay and quotas so both you and employees made more money. Look at everything from several perspectives.

3. Let your ideas run wild. Flying furniture seems silly, but it may lead to the idea of a hover-lifter. Slide the device under furniture and it lifts it with a cushion of air, making for easy moving. Don't stifle your creativity. Relax, let ideas come, and know that you can always discard them later.

Creating Creative Thinking Habits

To make the above techniques into an automatic part of your thinking, just use them enough. Usually it takes several weeks to develop a habit, so you need a way to remind yourself each day during that time. Try writing a few of your favorite techniques on a card and carrying it with you. Pull it out throughout the day and apply the techniques to anything. Soon, more creative thinking will be a normal part of your life....

source: http://lisasimpkins-education.blogspot.com/2009/07/creative-thinking-how-to-guide.html