Monday, July 13, 2009

Free Network Marketing Information Tip-Monster presentation tip

I think you are going to love today's free network marketing information tip.

As we all know Tom, Big Al, Schreiter is a marketing genius. Today, we're gonna learn what we need to do to give a "monster presentation" tip.

Monster presentation tip.

Thirty-seven years ago I went to my first opportunity meeting.

All I can remember from that meeting are two testimonials given by distributors.

The first testimonial was by a nun. The second testimonial was by a distributor who told how his father never believed he would be successful.

I don't remember the compensation plan, the product features, the corporate history, the slide presentation, or even the faces of the main speakers.

All I remember are the two testimonials.

The lesson is:

Don't get too worried about the details in your presentation. Your prospect is only going to remember one or two things. So why not give your prospect memories of a powerful product or opportunity testimonial?

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