Monday, June 29, 2009

Historians and Facebook

About one year after their creation, I thought I'd share the membership numbers for the Facebook groups for the AHA, OAH, and H-Net Editors.

AHA: 69
OAH: 46
H-Net: 37

These numbers have been achieved almost entirely by word of mouth/blog, and with no deliberate attempts to advertise. Consider the following groups--the result of sustained attempts to spread the word:

HNN: 426
Cliopatria: 46
Progressive Historians: 147

Since the (unpromoted) numbers for the OAH are the same as those for a (n excellent) history blog, it's pretty clear that the OAH and the AHA are missing out by not extending content to this platform. 70 people have joined a content-free group just to show their identities! If anyone out there from the AHA or OAH is reading this, the time is now.

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